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Zevo Connect Spedometer

Collect Valuable Insights

Zevo Connect’s employee engagement tool gives you the flexibility to get the right context from your team. With user and administrator accounts, you can choose a survey frequency and choose what questions are most valuable to you. Our expert team can help further interpret the data and write tailored recommendations


A Real-Time & Insights-led Dashboard

Administors get access to an easy to use dashboard to get a holistic look at your business through the lens of our five pillars; Communication Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction, Individual Work Performance, Trust & Wellbeing. Our personal dashboard also gives individual team members context on their personal wellbeing.

Macbook & Statistics
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Insights and recommendations to drive positive change in your organisation.


Company Admin

Full access to all dashboards across your organisation.



Option to benchmark against industry average.


HR Admin

Compare departments and locations across the company.


Personal Dashboard

Individual access to their own data to see progress overtime.


Leverage our in-house experts for additional support and recommendations.

As well as utilising our built-in recommendation areas based on your pain points, leverage our expert team via our built-in communications tools to get insights tailored to your organisation.


Ensure your employees are happy and healthy at work.